About the Community Christmas Festival


It’s about coming together in Christ.

The Community Christmas Festival is a community celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, facilitated by local congregations of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is meant to encourage unity within the community as we come together to celebrate a religious event that many community members have in common. This event is a free event to all attendees and participants. 

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, government and health restrictions do not allow for the Community Christmas Festival to continue in its usual manner. Although this will be different than it has been in the past, we are excited to still bring the festival to you in new and meaningful ways. Virtual events will focus on four main elements: a virtual concert and choir, nativity map, service activities, and an advent calendar counting down the last few days to Christmas.

Join With Us

Community Concert Series

The Christmas concert, traditionally held in a chapel for two nights, will take place as a virtual, participatory event. Community members will be invited to record musical performances and upload them to YouTube. They will then be able to submit their video to the website, which will gather these performances into one place. This is an exciting opportunity for community members to participate and share their musical talents. All individuals, families, and organizations are invited to participate. All community members will be invited to participate including those who have performed in past concerts.

Virtual Choir

A virtual choir will also be a major event. Led by Paul Thompson, participants will receive music and record their parts- which then will be put together in one collaborative choir/video. 

Christmas Lights Map

The Christmas Lights Map is to provide an interactive map which community members can use to find outdoor Christmas light displays in the area as well as encourage a social distanced gathering of sorts to celebrate the season within the community.

Service Opportunities

All community members will be given the opportunity to serve their neighbors. Kits with brownie or cookie mix and a DIY nativity kit will be made available; they can then bake the treat and give it to a neighbor. 

Christmas Messages

Stories of Faith and The Savior will be shared the last two weeks before Christmas, helping the focus to remain on our Savior Jesus Christ and the miracle of His birth.

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